विश्र्वस्वरूपं, जगदीशरूपं, धर्मेकयूपं यतिवर्गभूपम्।
वेदार्थसारं, त्रयतापहारं श्री मस्तनाथ सततं नमामि।।
महन्त बालकनाथ योगी ( अध्यक्ष )

Welcome to Shri Baba Mastnath Senior Secondary (Res) Public School

SBMNSSRPS is a Welcoming and innovation School with traditional values. The Aim is to Provide A Friendly And Stimulating School Climate To Ensure Overall Development of Each And Every Student, We Have A Mission To Provide Conductive Environment For Child To Grow As A Global Citizen.

Smart Classes

Well Equipped Labs.

WiFi Campus

Safe and Secure Campus

Air Conditioned Classroom

Transport Facilities

Environment Friendly Location

University Level Educational opportunities

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Shri Baba Mastnath Senior Secondry (Res) Public School

Asthal Bohar,Rohtak-124021,Haryana


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